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I am very good to meet you friends. Today I brought for you 2500 + Bengali font. yes friends, you've just heard 2500 +.

So friends NOW  know about Those  font.What is Font ? What does font use?? How to use font? 

Why do I use Font and what is the function of font? What if I do not use font?

What is Font?
Many people think that What is Font ? Font is a different type of writing. Just as we want,we can write  any text in different styles. But we can not give them different styles IN computer or mobile but we can use different fonts. than the writing WORDE GAT A NEW styles
How to use font?
We can use Font as a pc or mobile. For this, we need to unzip from zip. To use font, we need to use our app like PicsArt. And if we want, we can create a font by ourselves, for that we have to use  website to create a font. Through this, we can create font of any language.
Why do you use Font and what is the function of font? What if I do not use font?
Font is used to write beautifully any language Through this we can make any language as beautiful and asom. Font used to make any writing beautiful and smart. Which is the man who attracts him. The function of font is to give text differentiation and make it beautiful. There are 100000+ font in different languages ​​and different styles have a lot of font in it, which is very popular which has been used very much.Making the web more beautiful, fast,by used font
What if the font is not used?
What if the font is not used? There can be many problems if we do not use font. If not used font, the text will not look beautiful and people will not be attracted to it. There are so many uses of font that yt

Many of the font used in different banners or newspapers, they sell more. For him, we have a sense of font and we have a lot of information.
Friends say a lot about those who want to earn some money online. They should have ideas about font and why they should be used to use any font. For that I have the best 2500+ Bangla font for you. I came forward. With 5 sites from which you can download thousands of Bangla or any language font free.
I gave the link below
Here is my choice of 24 links to Drive Link
And download your app from the 2500+ font
Links to the Site


download21 best font

Sits to Download 2500 Font 
1-450 font
2-700 font
3-30 font


1- 1000 font
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What is diabetes? Diabetes can be prevented, how harmful for diabetes, is diabetes ever good? What else to get rid of diabetes?
There are some questions that diabetes patients always have. Today I will answer all the questions of this article.
If Janak has diabetes, then this diabetes.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a type of disease that man.
When we eat a meal, our body breaks down the food intake and changes glucose. The hormone called insulin is released from pancreas, it tells the cells of our body to take sugar. This sugar works as a body fuel.

When insulin is not created in the body or it does not work properly, diabetes is only possible. And by this the sugar starts to accumulate in the blood.

To understand if you have diabetes or 'down some symptoms'

  • 1- "Diabetes will cause frequent urination"
  • 2- "Urine will cause more water for urine"
  • 3- "Frequent hunger after eating regularly"
  • 4- "Feeling tired"
  • 5- "Blindness from time to time"
  • 6- "Take a lot of time to cut off various parts of the body"
  • 7- "Losing Weight Will Be Diet"
  • 8- "Hands and legs may get hurt or sometimes"

The problem that caused the diagnosis of diabetes?

  • 1- "People with diabetes may have a heart attack, stroke"
  • 2- "People may be blind due to diabetes"
  • 3- "kidney failure can be broken due to diabetes"
  • 4- "Sometimes the downfall of the body may have to be cut due to diabetes"
  • 5- "Due to diabetes due to cropping in the cut area"

There may be other diseases and problems for diabetes. The problem continues to grow throughout the world. The number of people currently suffering from diabetes is more than 42 crores. This number is now four times more than the 30 years ago - the account of the World Health Organization

What diabetes can be prevented?

The doctor says, even after the risk of diabetes and the damage, more than half of those who are infected with this disease are not aware of this disease or do not know its properties.
But if everyone follows the rules of living, it is possible that doctors can prevent diabetes.
Diabetes is harmful for us?

Diabetes is very harmful for all of us. Diabetes can be people of any age. Especially those who are older. Ekaran's body is heavy, so people can not work properly. Due to diabetes, people show heart problems.
Is Diabetes Ever Good? What to do to get rid of it?
Diabetes is good and can also be released from diabetes. Playing the juice of carrots usually causes diabetes and this is the most common way to get rid of diabetes.
I hope that wall help you. thanks
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Friends, today we will say that the best price is the lowest price of a mobile phone. In my opinion, the best phone is the redmi 7. We know that redmi series is Xiaomi's. Redmi 7 redmi is one of the best phones Redmi is the fastest mobile of xiaomi, the best mobile of this series, has been much better and popular.
Then friends janazak redmi 7
"Redmi 7"

Xiaomi brings this redmi series market to their customers' best quality mobile and this series is very popular. redmi 6 Then xiaomi brings their nwe phone redmi 7. Redmi 7's Redmi 7 has more powerful processor, big screen, strong battery, and new plastic with optional gradient designs with current trends.
"Good to watch the game, video in redmi 7's display is very good"

• Redmi 7's full review •

Release date March 2019 Launched in India yes form factor touchscreen Body type plastic dimensions (mm) 158.73 x 75.58 x 8.47Weight (g) 180.00Battery capacity (mAh) 4000Removable battery No Colors Blue, Red, Black

Screen size (inches) 6.26 Touchscreen Yes Resolution 720x1520 pixels protection type gorilla glass aspect ratio19: 9 pixels per inch (ppi) 269 


Processor 1.8GHz octa-core Processor make Qualcomm Snapdragon 632RAM 3GBInternal storage 32 GB Expandable storage Yes Expandable storage type micro SD Expandable storage up to (GB)512Dedicated micro SD slot Yes


Rear camera 12- megapixel (f/2.2, 1.29-micron) + 2-mega pixel Rear autofocus Phase detection auto focus Rear flash Dual LED Front camera8- megapixel (f/2.0)


Operating system Android 9.0 Pie SkinMIUI 10


Wi-Fi yes Wi-Fi standards supported802.11 b/g/n GPS Yes Bluetooth Yes, v 4.20InfraredYesMicro-USB Yes Head phones3.5mm FM yes Number of SIM s2Active 4G on both SIM cards Yes SIM 1SIM Type Nano-SIMGSM/CDMAGSM 3G Yes4G/ LTE Yes Supports 4G in India (Band 40)Yes SIM 2SIM Type Nano- SIMGSM/CDMAGSM 3G Yes 4G/ LTE
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What offline games is bast? Can this offline game be played on all mobile phones? What are the size of the game ? Will these games damage Mobail? And these offline games are safe?

Bast offline games

Everyone loves Adventure, Action, Racing game's, but most of them are online and they can not be played on the low-Ram mobile phone. Many people do not play games for them, so I brought today Bast 5 offline games. These offline games can be played on any mobile phone, and it has been very nice to see the beautiful graphics used in these games. So friends should know about this 5 bast offline game.
Friends, I Hope you are all are good. Today we will tell about some offline game. Friends i hope you ol play this Adventure, Action, Racing game's, do not talk too much about this game.

"1" Special Forces Group 2 - Action

Bast offline games

One of the most popular offline games is the Special Forces Group 2. Because it's an action game and those who not like the action game, in the game you need kill your anyme.

This game's most famous genius is 5 different types of gameplay: Bomb Mode, Capture the Flag, Resurrection, Classic and Zombie Modes. You have six characters per team, seven pistols, three shotguns, four submachine guns, and many more weapons to win the war. It features an offline mode so you can play it without any internet connection and is one of the fastest paced offline Android game compared to most others.

Friends know more about download offline Special Forces Group 2

"2" Overkill 3 - Action

Bast offline games
image From

In Overkill 3 you will find the bad guys to find them. Here you will have a group of 3 people. Yours will have different strengths. This game is completely offline.
Bast offline games
image From

Overkill 3 has plenty of options to understand the game Leigh. Then download tax overkill 3

"3" Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Bast offline games
image From
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a free online game. There are many stories here that are shown as an animated. And the best part of it is that you can play at the offline.
And watch out for this offline game.

Then download Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

"4" The Room 3 - Puzzle

Bast offline games

The Room 3 is another excellent version by The Room developers. It has lovely graphics, challenging puzzles, and many useful features. The game has different endings on the choices you make. It does not include any in-app purchases and supports cloud saving and Google achievements Although you will not be able to use Google Play features in the offline mode, it's still fun to play. Download and know more about The Room 3
"5" Hitman Go, Lara Croft Go, Deus Ex Go - Puzzle

Bast offline games
Hitman's name is heard by everyone. This is a puzzle game you need to soolve that need to buy that with $ 2-3. And it has a lot of funny genes and it's better to download it and see.

artical was good! Like sharing with friends and commenting about what is bast offline games?
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Today we are going to share an awesome article on gaming, For bike lovers, this is the must read post. Because we have compiled some of the awesome bike racing games available on Google Play store that you must install to enjoy the ride.
If you are a good game player then you will surely like this. Many of the games mentioned in this article are having high graphics quality and user-friendly interface. Their also very good 3D effects in these games. Let’s take the overview of these Free Android Bike Racing Games.
Drag Racing: Bike Edition
Developer: Creative Mobile
Price: Free+
  • Drag Racing: Bike Edition Screenshot
  • Drag Racing: Bike Edition Screenshot
  • Drag Racing: Bike Edition Screenshot
  • Drag Racing: Bike Edition Screenshot
  • Drag Racing: Bike Edition Screenshot
This is very awesome and cool game developed by a very good game developer of play store namely Creative Mobile. This game is very interesting and offers realistic bike racing effects. It can set according to your device’s screen. Graphics of this game are also very good.

Game Features:

  • Fair Play – This game supports FairPlay bonus
  • Real Challenges – You can compete with other Online gamers!
  • Epic Upgrades – Drag Racing: Bike Edition has many upgrades that will satisfy users for sure
  • Personal Touch – Users will have an option of choosing their desired paint colors and apply it the way they like
  • Get Into The Gearbox
  • Awesome Community – You can easily connect with other DRBE fanatics who enjoy this cool game online.

2- Death Moto 

Death Moto
Price: Free+
Death Moto Screenshot
  • Death Moto Screenshot
This is one of the most popular bike racing game. The main feature of this game is that you can pick up interesting tools in this game and can attack other bikes. Also, every time you complete the rivals, you will get more helmets.

4-Moto Racing

Moto Racing
Developer: MACHINGA
Price: Free
  • Moto Racing Screenshot
  • Moto Racing Screenshot
This Bike racing game has awesome views while riding the bike. There are many views like deserts, cities, and forests etc. Also, you can choose your favorite bike. So, this is one of the best bike racing 3d game that you can play.

Game Features:

  • Different kind of motos to choose from.
  • Just swap your phone to control moto direction
  • Tap the screen to accelerate the moto
  • In this game, you can ride the motorcycle shuttle in outskirts, forest, snow mountain, bridge, City.

5-Speed Moto

Developer: OoO studio
Price: Free
  • SpeedMoto Screenshot
  • SpeedMoto Screenshot
In the 3D category, this is one of the best graphics bike racing gamesfor android of all time. Many of the game lovers will like this game, that’s the reason it is acquiring popularity day by day. Its 3D effects are really superb and you will definitely like this awesome game.
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Bangladesh is developing as a computerized gadget producing nation in the worldwide mechanical part. One of the innovation combinations of the nation has just begun amassing devices and some different organizations are soon to pursue. Aside from the nearby brands, some worldwide brands are likewise considering setting up versatile handset plants here, and have officially connected to the telecom consistency for their endorsement to construct this howdy tech plant. 

Renowned nearby brand Walton is the pioneer for this situation, and they have commenced an amassing plant in September a year ago in Gazipur. While another nearby organization, Aamra Holdings with their image 'WE' is additionally setting up another arrangement in the capital's Mirpur territory, and the production line will begin working inside a brief timeframe. 

Market pioneer portable handset organization Symphony likewise marked an arrangement with one of their remote accomplices to set up an industrial facility adjoining Dhaka. 

Worldwide best brand Samsung likewise settled frameworks for their plant in Narshandi and they will proceed onward to collecting inside a couple of months. While another worldwide brand LG, has likewise begun its office and is wanting to construct its very own plant. Chinese brand Transsion Holdings, has likewise chosen a place for versatile handset plant in Gazipur. 

Alright versatile, a neighborhood mark likewise stepped up with regards to amass portable sets with an administration organization Telephone Shilpa Shanghai couple of years back and now they are at long last getting it going. 

With the end goal to encourage these activity, the administration have diminished traditions obligation on portable parts [intended for amassing locally] walloping 36 rate focuses to 1 percent, and multiplied the obligation on handset imports to 10 percent in current spending plan. 

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission issued a mandate on handset get together locally in September and as of now they have gotten six applications for collecting plants from various organizations. 

In 2017, about 3.4 crore handsets were foreign made, up 9.6 percent year-on-year, as per Bangladesh Mobile Phone Importers Association (BMPIA). The aggregate estimation of the imports was about Tk 10,000 crore. The market measure was about Tk 8,000 crore and aggregate import was 3.1 crore in 2016. 

A year ago the business likewise imported 90 lakh bits of cell phones and this number will develop further when 4G benefit is propelled. 

The administration hasdeclared that Bangladesh wills to not remain a bringing in nation, rather the nation will produce cell phones and fare to different nations. Coordinating with this guarantee a few organizations even arrangement to fare to different nations, in the wake of taking care of the developing nearby demand.
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Everyone wants their own well-organized and working body. Completing these expectations is not an easy task. Because of this, you should follow some health tips to keep your health healthy. Find out the best 10 health tips for good health.

1. Never forget to make breakfast. There is no substitute for breakfast in the morning to achieve the power of working. Take breakfast, fruits, vegetables, cheese or milk as breakfast.

2. Practice eating vegetables and fruits without feeding on the rice-cooked rice. These foods are packed with plenty of vitamins, minerals and respirators. Every day two cups of fruits and two and a half cups of vegetables should be eaten.

3. It is important to take precise protein for health. Therefore, take the protein of proteins consumed by protein for protein, such as meat, fat milk, fruits etc.

4. If the body is working hard, high blood pressure decreases. In children and adolescents, one-hour and older people should be given exercise or other physical activity for two-and-a-half hours.

5. Healthy foods should be taken out of food every meal. Get the food that contains high amount of protein, carbohydrates, apples, nuts, and butter foods.

6. Be aware of the quality of the food. Take low-fat food by eliminating excess fat foods. Get more calorie foods.

7. Consult experts with the intention to reduce weight or to know any other information for physical fitness.

8. Be careful about taking the food. Be careful about cooking food properly, keeping hands clean, etc. It is very useful to be aware of these issues to protect food poisoning.

9. Be prepared to eat food cooked at home rather than fast food.

10. Look at nutritious meals while taking meals at restaurants. Order vegetables, chicken meat, fish and fruits.

us that health tips and became a healthy man. and say that what post you need the naxt time and supode us.
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Albeit cell phones may appear to be a particularly twenty-first century advancement, the historical backdrop of versatile innovation traverses a lot further back than you may might suspect. At the beginning of the twentieth century, a rancher in Kentucky was tinkering with the remote telephone that he had developed. By the 1920s, radiophones given travelers on boats contact a chance to individuals ashore. Our craving to have versatile discussions, it turns out, has been with us for over a hundred years. Here's the manner by which portable innovation has formed the world we live in amid that time and how versatile arrangements are ready to impact our future in the coming years.

The history of mobile technology: Early beginnings

Straightforwardly after Alexander Graham Bell planned the telephone in 1876, pioneers begun wearing down a flexible shape. As Motherboard notes, Bell himself endeavored his hand at it in 1880 with the photophone, a telephone that could transmit talk using light. A concise time later, in 1908, a Kentucky-based agriculturist and self-instructed circuit repairman named Nathan Stubblefield secured the structure of a mobile phone that was intended to support correspondences among watercrafts, trains and way stations. Despite the way that it didn't get on at the time, people never surrendered their enthusiasm with giving while in movement. 

Radiophones were being utilized on pontoons amid the 1920s, empowering explorers to keep in contact with their partners and loved ones while going in the age before air travel. In 1924, remote phones were attempted on trains conveying among Berlin and Hamburg. World War II saw an extension in the usage of radio-based flexible correspondence, engaging military powers in disparate battle zones to talk with one another. Phones for vehicles were another hot product immediately, finding compelled allotment in Europe and the United States. 

Amid the 1940s, AT&T and Bell Labs offered an especially compelled phone organization to their customers in the St. Louis, Missouri, area for a period, despite the way that it didn't have the consideration or the amount of open channels imperative to be really sensible by then. Apparatus was gigantic, also, particularly for intrepid midcentury customers wishing to make convenient calls from their vehicles. Regardless, engineers kept tackling the advancement, refining it after some time in the desires that one day it would make their vision of a flexible world a reality. 

Mobile phones make a fantastic hop forward 

Convenient development took an unbelievable hop forward in 1973, when Motorola released its first mass-made phone. On April 3 of that year, Martin Cooper made the primary open call anytime set by methods for a phone, as Wired reports. The models used in this time were by and large suggested as 0g, or Zero Generation phones, and remembering that they show up bricklike and badly designed conversely with the present palm-sized contraptions, notwithstanding all that they look to some degree like the PDAs that later transformed into a bit of our step by step lives. 

As appropriate on time as the 1980s, European planners and supervisors begun discussing the probability of an European propelled cell mastermind, laying the readiness for a later general standard. At that point, Japan moved the principle financially robotized national telephone orchestrate in 1981. Around this time, it was ending up more normal for obvious officials and business pioneers to use vehicle phones, which hailed a particular element of achievement and refinement. In 1989, Motorola released its MicroTac flip phone — a prompt precursor to the individual PDAs we use today. 

Compact correspondence went worldwide in 1987, as the GSM standard that reinforces interoperability between bearers around the globe was systematized. Just two or three years sometime later, the world's first SMS message was sent in Britain. The BlackBerry connected in 1999, announcing another surge of convenient system for business use. By the start of the twenty-first century, clients and associations were beginning to use mobile phones as once gigantic swarm for voice calling, email and compelled content based web scrutinizing. The verifiable setting of versatile advancement saw a basic perspective in 2003 with the passage of 3G cell broadband organization, which would broadcast some other time of phones with full web accessibility. 

The present splendid age and tempting possible destiny of adaptable development 

After the iPhone met up in 2007 — with the essential Android contraption adhering to this equivalent example in 2008 — adaptable development exploded into the business focus and wound up all inclusive in our lives. As VentureBeat reports, five billion people have a PDA affiliation today. There are more flexible participations than there are people on the planet Earth. The present 4G accessibility will offer way to deal with higher-information transmission 5G get to within the near future, presenting another flexible advancement impact that will also annoyed the way in which we work and live. 

With mobile phones diving in for the whole deal, it justifies predicting where the future development of PDAs is going straightaway. Contraptions will wind up sleeker with each cycle, and their value and significance in our lives is furthermore in a state of advancement. Facial affirmation, amplified reality and even enlarged experience are ending up more ordinary on mobile phones. A couple of specialists guess that PDAs will end up being significantly solid and maybe even foldable, offering improved battery life by methods for remote charging. The modest assistants we as of now expedite our PDAs will end up being tomorrow's AI mates, smoothing the path before us and making our lives more worthwhile. 

The present wearables may offer way to deal with more diminutive and more separated flexible contraptions that we use to screen our exchanges, our prosperity and extensively more. Notwithstanding the way that it makes a couple of individuals eager to contemplate, we may in like manner be rushed toward a "Dim Mirror" future in which versatile advancement is clearly inserted in the body by methods for chips. Our flexible future could take after our science fiction dreams significantly more eagerly than we ever could have foreseen. 

The chronicled background of convenient advancement is more expansive than we may rapidly acknowledge. As we proceed unendingly rapidly into the future, it will empower see how such striking headway before long changes our general environment.