Clan Wars are changing, and Supercell is trying its best to make the clan wars perfect. In this article, I will share some tips which can help your clan to win more clan wars 2018.

Clan wars are the best way to win to gather the resources for your Townhall and upgrade your base. Clan wars also test your clan unity and teamwork so if your clan doesn’t have good communication then your chances of winning the clan wars will be lower.

So if you want to win more clan wars make sure to follow the following tips

1) The above all else tip is to keep your group active, the most proficient path is to do that is to do a few ctivities in the clan like troops, testing your clan mates, and so on.

2) Design your Own Base, Designing your own base give you an advantage over all those who copy their base designs from the internet; you can take inspirations from the internet but make sure to re-design some elements of the base like the positioning of traps, etc.

3) Donate the most bast troops to war palace; a few people overlook the significance of war Castle. War ch√Ęteau troops can turn the tide to support you, and you should utilize them as your first line of safeguard. Troops like wizards are the best troops for resistance.

4) Always plan your attacks and ask your clan members -follow the clan strategy.

5) Always follow the strategy, if your clan go to war without a strategy, then your chances of winning the battles will be minimal because the war strategy keeps the clan war progression intact and allow the players to give the best possible results.

6) On Battle day ask your players to use their attacks carefully, if possible give them some tips regarding the approach, you can use your experience and find the weak point in the opponent base and explain it to your clan mate who is going for the attack.
7) Before starting the attack motivate your clan members, wish them good luck and ask them to give their best.
 8) Ask your clan members about which battle formation they are going to use and if they are using the bad one suggest them to use a powerful battle formation
 9) Ask your members to make sure to lure the opponent troops out of war castle and kill them and then start the attack.
10) Even if the first attack doesn’t go according to plan don’t demoralize your members, cheer them up and ask them to focus on their 2nd attacks.
11) Before going for the 2nd attack, ask clan members to watch the replays of attacks on different bases and ask them not to repeat the same mistakes.
These tips can help you win more clan wars if you want to read the extensive guide to winning the clan wars you can read it on our website.
If you give your best you can easily win the war, and even if you don’t win the war it is not the end of the world, you can try again and win the battles.
Try to upgrade your troops and defenses so that you could have a strong base. I hope this guide will help you. Happy Clashing!
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