What is diabetes?How to get rid from diabetes?

What is diabetes? Diabetes can be prevented, how harmful for diabetes, is diabetes ever good? What else to get rid of diabetes?
There are some questions that diabetes patients always have. Today I will answer all the questions of this article.
If Janak has diabetes, then this diabetes.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a type of disease that man.
When we eat a meal, our body breaks down the food intake and changes glucose. The hormone called insulin is released from pancreas, it tells the cells of our body to take sugar. This sugar works as a body fuel.

When insulin is not created in the body or it does not work properly, diabetes is only possible. And by this the sugar starts to accumulate in the blood.

To understand if you have diabetes or 'down some symptoms'

  • 1- "Diabetes will cause frequent urination"
  • 2- "Urine will cause more water for urine"
  • 3- "Frequent hunger after eating regularly"
  • 4- "Feeling tired"
  • 5- "Blindness from time to time"
  • 6- "Take a lot of time to cut off various parts of the body"
  • 7- "Losing Weight Will Be Diet"
  • 8- "Hands and legs may get hurt or sometimes"

The problem that caused the diagnosis of diabetes?

  • 1- "People with diabetes may have a heart attack, stroke"
  • 2- "People may be blind due to diabetes"
  • 3- "kidney failure can be broken due to diabetes"
  • 4- "Sometimes the downfall of the body may have to be cut due to diabetes"
  • 5- "Due to diabetes due to cropping in the cut area"

There may be other diseases and problems for diabetes. The problem continues to grow throughout the world. The number of people currently suffering from diabetes is more than 42 crores. This number is now four times more than the 30 years ago - the account of the World Health Organization

What diabetes can be prevented?

The doctor says, even after the risk of diabetes and the damage, more than half of those who are infected with this disease are not aware of this disease or do not know its properties.
But if everyone follows the rules of living, it is possible that doctors can prevent diabetes.
Diabetes is harmful for us?

Diabetes is very harmful for all of us. Diabetes can be people of any age. Especially those who are older. Ekaran's body is heavy, so people can not work properly. Due to diabetes, people show heart problems.
Is Diabetes Ever Good? What to do to get rid of it?
Diabetes is good and can also be released from diabetes. Playing the juice of carrots usually causes diabetes and this is the most common way to get rid of diabetes.
I hope that wall helps you. thanks
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