How To Used Vpn 100 % securely FREE

Secure VPN usage method
 100% Secure VPN usage method

VPN - Virtual Networks We usually mean to migrate your location from one location to another.
But we do this by directing VPN to connect to different sites or apps, and as a result, they easily detect our IP.

Today's post will show you how to use VPN safely.

I will recommend different paid VPNs for you to use VPN safely. Those who are unable to parse paid VPN, also follow the post.

** I'm showing a system with 100% Safe Express Express here.

First, connect your VPN,

Then go to your phone's settings and select the time zone of the country where the server is connected.

Then open Any browser.
Then go to the settings of browser. - click on Privacy and enable the track button.


Then type about: config in the search bar and search



Now, if the bottom percentage shows 100%, you are securely using VPN. enjoy

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