Activision is Giving 10,000 Beta Keys for COD Black Ops Cold War And how can you get Beta Keys for Call of Duty

Activision recently confirmed that the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise will be called Black Ops Cold War. And as is usual for Call of Duty games, players will be able to get beta access to the game by pre-ordering editions. However, if you’re feeling lucky and you don’t want to spend your money on pre-ordering the next COD game, Activision is giving away 10,000 beta keys this weekend, and you can grab one.

So how do you get a key?

You'll need to tune it to the first-ever Call of Duty League championship this weekend.

It takes place on Sunday, August 30 at 4pm NYC time or 9pm London time.

To be eligible for the giveaway, you'll need to sign up or log in to your Activision account.

And then you'll need to link it with the website or app for the official Call of Duty League.

You'll also need to choose if you want to play the beta on Xbox One, PS4 or PC.

It’s a giveaway, so obviously there’s no guarantee that you’ll get one of the 10,000 keys up for grabs. However, there’s no harm in entering. After all, if you win, you get free beta access to COD: Black Ops Cold War. That’s pretty cool.

Moreover, regardless of whether you win the key or not, there are other items you can win. Watching the stream will also give you a chance to win the CDL Champs 2020 Pack. This pack contains things like virtual graffiti sprays, custom weapons, and more. Plus, if you even tune in for just 30 minutes anytime during the event, you can win a virtual knife with the CDL logo printed on it.

So far, we don’t know when the beta access will start. However, the beta can’t be too far off either.

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